When Online Gambling Becomes a Problem Article

Gambling online is just as dangerous to your finances as gambling at a land based casino. Gambling on the internet can be a fun hobby but it needs to be just that, a hobby. If you find yourself with symptoms of an addiction, it will be time to quit and if necessary, you can ask that each of the site you gamble at will close your accounts and block you from playing again.

The main signs of gambling addiction are when you no longer enjoy playing like you used to. If you find yourself only caring about the win and not just enjoying the game, it has become more serious. When you begin to deposit more than you originally set aside for yourself, there is a problem. If you have to be in denial about what you are doing, or secrecy is a part of your playing online, no matter who you feel you need to hide gambling from.

If you take off work to play, cancel plans to continue playing, or make excuses for what you are doing to those closest to you, then you have already crossed the line. You must pay attention to your tendencies. The worst thing a person with a gambling addiction will do to themselves is to use bill, mortgage or other necessary funds to gamble with. Once you have gotten to this point, it usually isn't too late, it just means you need to get help, and fast!

Help is not hard to find and can be annonymous. Don't allow gambling to destroy your relationships and even your life. Below you will find resources to help get you through the difficult times and finally take back control of your life.

1. National Council on Problem Gambling’s confidential hotline at 1-800-522-4700
2. gamblersanonymous.org
3. ncrg.org

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