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With the easy access to online poker, anyone can sit down in front if their computer and play anywhere, anytime. There is virtually always a game going somewhere at some online poker site. The trick is to find and play in only the best games. This may mean doing some searching instead of just sitting in the first seat that opens up.

Its said that all men are created equal. This is a point that is debatable at best, but one thing is for sure. All poker players are not created equal and in turn all poker games are not created equal. Playing in only the very best games available can hugely increase a serious poker players profits at the end of the day. So how do we determine which games are "good"?

One way is to look at table averages. This may mean finding games with a high number of people seeing the flop, very few preflop raises, or generally loose, passive play. It's easy to see table data if you play online and use any type of tracking software. Live games can be more difficult to gauge, but a close eye for an orbit or two should give you the information that you need. These loose passive games can be hard to find at times and can be nearly impossible to find at some limits. If you find yourself in this situation it may mean that you have to have a more specific approach to find the best games to play in. This is where your buddy / fishy lists and notes come into play.

When simple table averages fail to turn up outstanding tables for you to sit at, it may be time to head over to your buddy list. Finding and isolating one or two very weak players at a table can earn you an easy living. If you're lucky enough to get position on these players you should probably stay at the table until they leave or go bust. The important thing to remember is to keep track of what kind of "fishy" your dealing with. Against a calling station you will play differently than if you had a weak tight player. Just having a weak player on your buddy list may not be enough. Keeping good notes on these weak players should save you some time in figuring out information that you should already know.

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The author is a successful limit cash game player.

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