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Online casinos have been bigger this year than ever before. More money has been won at online casinos than in previous years. More and more people have been signing up to play online roulette or other casino games, in an industry worth some $6 billion USD.

However, with the recent change in American law, and the soon to be enforced new Gambling Act in the UK, the shift towards a greater European gambling market has begun. 888 recently signed a deal with a major snooker club to launch a series of online poker tournaments, as they try to find a way of growing their customer base in Europe, as they come to terms with the ban in American which was their largest market. Other operators like William Hill and Ladbrokes have also been undertaking deals which will help them to break the European market, and attempts to increase their European customer base.

Boss Media, who provide poker and casino software to some of the largest operators in Europe has seen an increase in numbers of countries enquiring about its products and St Minver, Europe’s largest white label gaming operator, recently launched Ramblas Poker in Russia along with many other casinos games sites throughout UK and Europe.

Many have been playing online for months or even years. But those new to online casinos, particularly in European countries like Sweden, Spain or Romania where online gaming is still in its infancy, will not be aware of what to look out for when seeking to find a site to play with.

So what will help them decide?

Well, of course first impressions count for a lot with most things and the same goes for a site where you want to see nice clean graphics, a professional feel, a brand which you may recognize and a site in the language or your country. By browsing around the site, you should expect a good navigational system and access to all terms and conditions and contact details, with telephone numbers and email addresses that work.

Most people, when first looking for a casino site to join, will not consider the software or the infrastructure in place before deciding to try their skill against seasoned players and potentially part with their well earned cash. Experts believe that brand comes into play when choosing the casino sites. Certainly names like PartyPoker and 888 who have developed their own software, are well known and popular sites to play with. But these companies do not have such a recognition in Europe, so there will be opportunities for companies like Juega Poker (an already established poker site) or Ramblas Poker (who are both supported by Boss Media software) to be able to provide a good and secure casino experience.

By ensuring the site has the necessary license to operate in its jurisdiction, and by checking the banking and payment facilities, you can be assured that the site will be responsible and less likely to go out of business.

The payment and withdrawal methods are deemed to be of equal importance as the right software. It is wise to ensure that the site has such facilities (local to the country that they are operating in). For example, UKash is a popular payment facility in Spain and Neteller popular for other countries in Europe. Both provide simple means to deposit and access funds.

Customer services are next of importance. It is wise for new players to first contact the customer services both by phone and online (potentially via the chat facility) to discover how responsive and efficient they are. Indeed, it will be the responsibility of the casino operators to ensure that they have customer service representatives in the language of the country the site operates in.

If you are new to the game of roulette or blackjack, there are many sites such as VIP Casino Club who offer the ability to preview games and also to read rules on how to play.

Many European players are skeptical about parting with their money. European countries like Spain see a huge number in players registering but only a small percentage actually depositing.

It is important as casino operators move into Europe that they consider the factors above and ensure that they can provide customers and players with the right software, the right feel of the site and the necessary infrastructure to ensure that their casino experience is as fun online as it may be in a land-based casino.

It is equally as important that those wishing to join in the online casino fun find the right site for them, one which is easy to sign-up, has a well-established name and will provide all those classic casinos games like roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

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