Nevada Online Gambling, Getting Ready Article

Nevada, with its dwindling economy could be one of the biggest winners if the United States legalizes internet gambling. Being that Nevada has over seventy years worth of experience in investigating and licensing gaming companies plus regulating the industry, they could easily switch to the online casino industry with little to no issue. It is stated that gaming regulators claim the online operators would be subject to the same licensing fees and taxes as the land-based operations, which Nevada is considered to have some of the lowest in the United States. This will be a positive for those companies in Nevada considering the field of online gambling should it become legal.

Gaming companies already in the business are expected to have a large advantage with entering the online gambling industry over the companies seeking to break into the industry.

Though legislation has been introduced the the House of Representatives, discussion on the issue has been delayed for an unspecified amount of time. Federal lawmakers have focused attention on health care reform, the nation's economic crisis and other matters, setting aside issues such as Internet gambling.

The casino industry itself is split on the matter. The American Gaming Association has taken a neutral stance on the issue "due to the divergent views of its members," according to a policy statement. It has been estimated that Americans have spent $5.9 billion on internet gambling at online casino websites outside of the US. Though it seems most gaming companies will remain open to the idea based on the laws and according to the possible outcomes, it is an obvious fact that Nevada would greatly benefit from the tax revenues of internet gambling.

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