Full Tilt Poker Launches Rush Poker Article

Constantly on the lookout for new ways to top its arch rival, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker has launched a new type of poker game a few days ago, meant to revolutionize the industry by completely eliminating downtimes from cash games. In a Rush Poker game, when a player folds, he's taken to another table immediately and he's dealt into a new hand without having to wait. For an even quicker game, players can use the "Quickfold" button. As soon as they hit that button, they're moved to another table, leaving their avatar behind to do the folding when the action gets around to it.

Rush Poker games host hundreds or possibly thousands of players and everyone can join the same game several times by clicking on the "Join Now" button in the game lobby repeatedly. The software will make sure that the same player is never seated at the same table twice.

If a player takes a seat at a Rush Poker table for the first time (right after joining), he’ll be the one to pay the Big Blind. Otherwise, the BB will be paid by the player who went the longest (at that given table) without paying one.

What exactly are the long term effects of Rush Poker on the industry and on the game of poker? As one forum poster put it: this game will either become huge or see a quick death. If it becomes huge, the poker rake collected by Full Tilt Poker and the rakeback it gives its players will both skyrocket. The skill factor involved in the game will take a huge hit though, and that may not be beneficial for the industry in the long run. Because each and every hand a player plays will be against different opponents, subtle but in the same time important strategy elements like table image and the reading of the opponents will be completely eliminated. The number of hands played per hour will sky rocket as well (which in turn leads to more rake and rake back). The only question is, how badly will it maim the game of poker as we know it today? Will it all just turn into a crapshoot, or will skill elements associated with the mathematical side of the game (which are still there in Rush Poker) be enough to provide satisfactory depth to it?

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