90 Ball Bingo Article

Simple lotto style 90 Ball Bingo is played by a numbered ticket by matching specific combinations on the game card. You can relax and view the bingo spinner randomly selecting numbers from 1-90. The balls are then drawn in each bingo round so, all players have an equal chance of winning. It's great for newcomers and of course, experienced gamers.

Bingo online has become one of the fastest growing games that you can access from your desktop. With a whole range of novice to professional gamers matched with chat rooms and cool prizes. Also, if you are a traditional gamer you can experience the instant play functionality and 'fool-proof' rules.

How to start?

It’s simple to start, click to by a bingo card and 90 Ball Bingo cards contain six tickets with 3 rows and 9 columns.

Popular online bingo sites offer gaming options for any player from, playing with as little as 5p to over £1. Through to auto-buy, that instantly buys up to 50 tickets at once form more experienced gamers.

How to Win?

Unlike complex American style bingo, the 90 Ball version deliver three simple and fun ways to win.

One Line Win – match 1 horizontal line (5 numbers).
Two Line Win – match 2 horizontal lines (10 numbers).
Full House Bingo – strike the jackpot by matching all 15 numbers.

The game is generally played for excitement and fun, so take advantage of the little payouts it can deliver ranging from £3 for a 1 line win and up to £50 or more for a full house. However if you are New to bingo or have multiple cards in-play, take advantage of auto-daub features, that allows you to put your feet up and enjoy the actions – and when you win, you’ll receive a flashing alert!

Progressive Jackpot

Many online bingo games give you the chance to play for bigger, progressive jackpots. Progressive bingo usually starts with a £250 jackpot, and moves up until someone strikes it lucky.

Games & Bonus Bingo Chat

You can now experience the social element to bingo. Once you have signed-up, you will have the option to have fun in chat forums, meets other gamers and hosts to help you on your way, and to play for free cash bonus games. Online bingo is for everyone.

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