Religious Agenda Behind Bill Article

Nobody wanted to listen when I was spouting off about Internet gaming being banned in the United States , but now unfortunately I get to tell you I told you so.
I didn't even know that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act had been passed. I thought it was still in committee and wasn't going to be looked at until after the November elections.


Republicans, that's right, Republicans, the ones who are supposed to pride themselves on staying out of your personal lives, have decided to act like Democrats and force their morality on you.

Therefore, the bill, which was sponsored by Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.) was snuck into a port security bill to assure its passage. Senate majority leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) was responsible for that.

If you would like to register your displeasure with either one of these idiots, here is of their contact information:

When it asks for your zip code, type in 24502-2269.
**Not surprisingly, it is the same zip code of Jerry Falwell's church, the supposed Christian who wants to legislate our morality. Falwell believes that gambling is the work of the devil and that it should be banned.

Goodlatte, who I am sure has received financial contributions from Falwell, jumped high for him and got this bill passed.

So now when you sign on to play poker at some sites, you get a message telling you that playing online games for money is restricted and will be banned Nov. 13.

While some sites are working on ways to correct the problem, you can still do something about this travesty.

First, go to and read up on the bill and what this organization is doing.

The Poker Players Alliance is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of poker players and enthusiasts from around the United States who have joined together to speak with one voice to promote the game, ensure its integrity, and, most important, to protect poker players' rights.

They are working on getting an exception to poker in the current law, since it is a game of skill and not luck.

The way the legislators set up this bill was by putting the onus on the banks. See, they couldn't get to the gambling sites, all of which are based in other countries, so they decided to force banks to keep track of your transactions.

Words like monitor and track are used in the legislation, and if this doesn't bother you it should.

It isn't like you can't continue to go to poker sites and play, you just won't be able to put any money into an account. How some people will get around this, especially those that live in states bordering Mexico and Canada, would be to set up a bank account in those countries.

That way they could use those accounts to transfer money, and it wouldn't be subject to any American regulations.

That is an extreme measure, and the Poker Players Alliance is still working on getting poker excluded from this bill. It is a hard fight, and everyone is needed. If you enjoy the game of poker, please join the organization. It is trying to ensure the game you love isn't taken away by congressmen with a religious agenda.

John Reger
Author Bio: John Reger has been playing poker for more than 20 years in card clubs and casinos all over the world and has been playing online for five years. He lives in Southern California and works as a freelance writer covering sports, travel and entertainment.

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