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First, let's start with the fun stuff -- the rapidly approaching European Poker Tour Dublin. We have yet to see the full lineup, but my picks for the event at present are:

1) Ram Vaswani -- an excellent player with perfect understanding of the European style of play. He continues to destroy large tournaments and crush his opponents with final table power poker. He is a thoroughly fearless player who strikes terror into his opponents, forcing them to either gamble or tighten up too much. His style is one that is very hard to play against. That, combined with his experience in large buy-in events and excellent winning record, makes him a valuable pick for this event.

2) Donnacha O' Dea -- Donnacha is a fully established force to be reckoned with. He knows every trick in the book and is an expert at manipulating his opponents into making poor plays and silly mistakes. You will almost never see Donnacha all in with the worst of it. He knows every inflection point and how it affects his opponents' decisions. Knowing this information allows him to stay one step ahead. Also, being on his home ground he is sure to feel comfortable in his surroundings, and I expect to see a great performance from him at this event. Donnacha has a ton of experience in such professional events and has many final tables and large wins to his name. He's not a player anyone wants to see at their table!

3) Martin Wendt -- This is my wild-card pick. Having met him in Aruba and discussed some poker strategy, it is clear he has a natural talent for everything poker. He regularly plays high stakes cash games while also traveling the tournament circuit worldwide. He knows exactly what to do in every situation and will almost never make a stupid move or mistake. If the cards fall his way just once or twice in important pots, then we are sure to see the ultimate dominance of Martin's wrath. Tidbit: Martin is so confident in his playing abilities, even from a short stack, that while we were flying back from Aruba last year he was actually being blinded out of the European Poker Tour in Baden, Austria, and was going to be arriving almost 6 hours late for the tournament!

Meanwhile, another area of interest is the recent Anti-Gaming Law introduced into American legislation -- essentially preventing U.S. players from playing online poker. This has had catastrophic effects on some of the major online rooms -- in particular PartyPoker and 888 poker. Both companies have now made the decision to disallow all American customers playing for real money. It's almost certainly a move intended to maintain whatever stock value is left (having both dropped close to 70 percent of total value). As stated in a previous article, I think it is highly unlikely PartyGaming (the parent company of PartyPoker) is going to shut down or sell out. It has already launched a major advertising campaign across Europe and will be moving into the Asian market in the near future, too.

If you have some spare funds and are looking for an exciting investment, I would certainly put at least a little into PartyGaming. It has been an online poker market leader for many years as well as having many other areas of business. Once it has infiltrated these new markets, I expect it will be back to making unbelievable profits (previously $2.2 million net profit per day -- prior to the new law), and its stocks will return to previous highs.

Also, Neteller, the major online banking system used by millions to deposit and withdraw funds with online gaming sites, has also announced that it will soon discontinue allowing US customers to interact with poker/gaming companies. As such this leaves a huge opening for other businesses to provide such a service. We are sure to see new competitors vying for this massive opportunity. As such, it is a good idea to keep an eye on all business-related poker news. Whoever manages to take over where Neteller leaves off is sure to see a huge return on its investment and soaring share prices.

Finally, if you have ever laid odds on any of the betting exchanges for poker tournaments, then we are soon to see a huge new area of undiscovered players, and as such an opportunity to lay on the new fish and back the sharks! Asia has recently opened its doors and embraced large-scale poker tournaments, and as such there is essentially a whole new continent of players about to enter the poker arena. We all know there are already many incredible Asian players, but nevertheless it is likely we will see the young breed of Asian pros rising to the top in months to come -- just as they did in the U.S. I will be monitoring this demographic closely to see if I can spot a few potential superstars and pick a few winners!

Ross Glacken
Author Bio: He lives in Ireland is 23 years old and works for the No. 1 aggregated poker network, Tribeca Tables. He attendeds University College Dublin and graduated with a B.A. in English and Economics. He is an avid poker player and has had some great successes online, particularly with cash game play. His best pick so far this year was Ted Forrest to win the NBC Heads Up Championship at 40-1 (64 entrants).

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