Don't Let Multitabling or Rakeback Slow Your Poker Growth Article

If, like me, you play strictly for the money than there are a few things that you should always be focused on. Moving up to the next limit and continually getting better at poker. If you continue to improve your game, your bankroll should continue to grow. With your increased skill and a bloated bankroll you should have no problem steadily moving up from limit to limit until you reach the big games. For online players there are some traps. I often see promising low limit poker players get caught up with focusing on the wrong things and they never make it out of the micro limits. Remember that the big money is in the big games and that's where you want to be.

1. An easy trap to fall into as an online player is what I refer to as "The MultiTable Trap". This is when a low limit player continues to add more and more tables to his daily routine instead of focusing on moving up the ladder to the real prize. Low limit grinders may find that they can beat 1/2 limit holdem for 1 big bet or more per hundred hands. They start to think about playing 6 tables at once. How about 8, 10, or 12 tables at a time. Before long they have 4 monitors hooked up to their computer and they're playing 16 tables at once. While this may be a decent income, I guarantee you're not improving your poker. There is very little time to think when you play this many tables and zero time to learn anything. You are playing ABC poker against very poor opposition. Your bankroll will grow and you will have the money to move up in limits before too long assuming that you can maintain your winrate with that many tables. Unfortunately your skill level will not be ready and you will find yourself back in the kiddy pool trying to recoup your losses over and over.

If you continue to learn and grow as a player you should be able to continue to move up the ladder to the big games. Rakeback will be a great boost to your bankroll but you should be thinking about winning at the tables first and foremost. Don't let this important point slip by. You may find yourself playing 16 tables at the micro limits for the rest of your career.

2. You can not handicap every game. If you try ,you will end up just giving your money away.
There are plenty of quality sports handicapping services.Get hooked up with one that has a good winning percentage and will provide you with excellent customer service!

3. When sports handicapping on your own goes bad,players start to chase their money! DON'T CHASE!
The author is a successful limit cash game player. He plays poker and recieves Paradise Poker Rakeback from Rakeback Solution.

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