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Born in the Caribbean Islands years ago, Caribbean Stud Poker eventually found its way to cruise ships. It didn't take long for those cruise ships to bring this entertaining game to casinos in America. The casino pit has always been a testing ground for many new games. Most of them are a flash in the pan, but Caribbean Stud Poker held its own and solidified its place in the casino.

For anyone wondering why this game made the cut, you only have to look to the atmosphere it creates. Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun game to play, and it's very sociable. Online players have been "hooked" to this game thanks to generous progressive jackpot payouts.

The game itself is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Up to seven players can enjoy Caribbean Stud Poker at any time. When you sit down to partake in the fun, you will notice your "space" has three wagering areas --Bet, Ante, Jackpot.

When the hand begins, you will need to place a wager in the Ante circle. For our example, we'll imagine that you placed a $5 wager. At this time, you can choose to partake in the progressive jackpot by placing $1 in the progressive jackpot slot. This must be done before the hand is dealt.

Once your five cards are dealt, you need to decide if the hand is worth staying in or not. The dealer will show one card to you. If you decide to stay in the hand, you must place a wager in the Bet circle, and it must be twice the amount of your Ante wager -- $10 in our example. If your hand doesn't look good, you can choose to fold and lose your Ante wager.

Once you place your Bet wager down, the dealer's hand is revealed and the hands are evaluated. Here's the kicker of Caribbean Stud Poker: The dealer must qualify for you to get paid on your Bet wager. To qualify, the dealer must have a hand that's at least an Ace-King. Anything less and only your Ante wager is paid -- even money payment.

This qualifying requirement can be a real downer when you have a great hand -- like a four-of-a-kind -- and the dealer doesn't qualify. If that's the case, you lose out on all that money. There's good news if you play the progressive jackpot. You will win the progressive jackpot payout regardless of the dealer's hand.

If you are going to play Caribbean Stud Poker and plan on playing the progressive jackpot, you need to shop around. Some casinos pay more than others for hands such as a full house and four-of-a-kind. Take some time and look for the best progressive payouts before sitting down to play.

The progressive jackpot payouts start for hands of flushes and above. A typical payout on a flush hand is $50-$100. A straight flush will usually win 10 percent of the progressive jackpot amount, and the royal flush wins the whole thing. Some jackpots are extremely high.

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