Online Poker Article

Online poker has rarely been as accessible or as easy to play as it is today. The multi-billion dollar industry originated as an outlet to play poker alone. However, these days the overall online betting business is booming, even something like online backgammon.

Texas Hold'em, however, is still the most played game on the Internet. You can play games for nickels or play in games where pot size routinely exceeds ten thousand dollars. The proliferation of poker, specifically hold'em, web sites, TV shows, books, magazines, and products is astounding. So, it's worth asking, what's lead to this increase?

The movie "Rounders" was an integral part of ramping up world-wide poker interest. Poker en ligne would not be the same game it is today without the film. Rounders lent poker a certain cachet. If Matt Damon and Edward Norton do it, it has to be cool. In addition, the movie portrayed poker as a game of skill. Poker players could be mentioned in the same breath, deservingly or not, as athletes. While you can play online bingo these days, it will likely never approach the popularity of poker, precisely because most poker players believe themselves to be good enough to win money over the long term.

But, somewhat ironically, where "Rounders" made poker cool, Moneymaker made it accessible. He proved that an everyman could win, and win big. So where "Rounders" presented poker as a legitimate game of professionals, Moneymaker allowed players to believe that they could beat the pros.

Finally, the "hole cam" made the game palpatable for television. Where televised poker had always been fairly boring before, the hole cam let players enjoy the vicarious thrill of playing the game, and also opened the door to commentary slightly more interesting than "What do you think he has here Bob?"

While it seems today like the move towards Texas Hold'em poker was inevitable, some other form of gambling could easily have become just as popular. I suppose we have Chris Moneymaker to thank then that we're all not watching online backgammon tournaments. So next time you log into an online casino remember just how lucky you are.

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