The Truth About Consensus Sport Services Article

Over the years there has been a lot of bad press about consensus services. For those of you who do not know what a consensus service is I will explain. A consensus service is a sports handicapping related service that has access to the picks of a large number of sports services then resells those picks at a fraction of the cost to potential buyers.

The bad press against consensus services always comes from the single service that is having their plays resold. Single services will tell you that consensus services have the plays all wrong or that they intentionally gave the consensus service the wrong plays. Don't you believe it for one minute. A reputable consensus service is totally accurate and best of all totally honest, there is absolutely no reason for a consensus company to lie about the records of another company!

This translates into a huge advantage to the potential buyer that single services would rather not discuss. Especially those single services that are in the habit of false advertising and fabricating winning records. When Mr. Gambler buys the services of a consensus company he will be provided with the tools to make informed decisions on which service or services are in his best interest to follow.

As a consensus service does not have a vested interest in the outcome of a single service's games they are in a position of honestly telling the client who are the excellent handicappers and who are the scamdicappers. If you have ever had your brains beat out by a single sports service then you know exactly what I am talking about when we say scamdicappers.

Years ago one of my regular clients did business with a single service that was a cockroach, lying, false advertising thief. They took him for over 50,000 dollars. After the fact he approaches me and asked if there was anything I could do to get him his money back. Of course the answer was no, while in many ways a consensus service is the police of the sports service industry we can only protect our clients from scamdicappers by steering them away from the crooks in the beginning and guiding them to a reputable handicapper.

This brings me to another reason for choosing a consensus service. While they are scamdicappers in the gaming industry there is also a large number of honest hard working good handicappers. However, even the very best can have an off season. By buying a consensus service the client has options. If the service he has been following takes a turn for the worst a consensus company can offer an alternative winning service without the client having to dig deeper into his pockets for more money to purchase another service.

Further not all services can handicap college and pro games equally. How often have you won on Saturday only to give it back on a Sunday? With a consensus service this is no longer the case. A reputable consensus service should have statistics on how every company they monitor is currently doing. This should include a break down of who is good in both college and professional games. Information should also be provided on who wins at totals and who is strong on Monday nights, is an absolute must. After all how many times has that Monday night game been the different between paying and getting paid? With all of this quality information available to the player, it is highly probable that you will be playing the college picks from one single service and the pro picks from another.

Another money making advantage of a consensus company is their knowledge of which services really are good at their top plays. All of that junk mail you receive on the play of the millennium will be just that, junk mail! As members of a reputable consensus service you should always have enough information to know exactly which big games to follow.

And last but not the least important is the cost! A single service can cost you thousands of dollars in initial fees. A Consensus service can be purchased in most cases for a fraction of the cost of buying one single sports service. Ask anyone who is a member of a consensus service how long they have been doing business with that company and you will be astonished at the answers. Consensus companies retain their clients at a rate far higher then a single service. Some of my clients have been with me for 20 years. It is indeed rare that a single service can brag that they have retained even one client for 20 years. The reasons of course are obvious. Consensus companies provide information for a fraction of the cost and organize the information in a useful way so that the player at least has a fighting chance of being a winner.

Joe Rossi & Kathy Kane

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