NFL Prop Bets Article

As your resident Fantasy Sensei, it's my job to provide you with tips and tricks you can use to dominate your fantasy leagues. Winning a fantasy league is great and a real good way to trash talk your friends, but at the end of the day all that smack doesn't pay the bills. You might win a couple hundred bucks in your league, but there is a way to use that skill to make some real money.

Most of the online sportsbooks offer what are called proposition bets for all the major sports. These are bets that are different from your standard point-spread or over/under bet in that you are usually betting on a single player to do something in a game. The skills you use to do well in fantasy (knowing playing time, hot/cold players, defensive matchups, etc.) can be applied in proposition betting as well.

As an example, let's say you think LaDainian Tomlinson is going to dominate that weak defense of the Oakland Raiders and will put up 125-130 rushing yards. You just know this will happen, and if you have LT on your fantasy team, that's great, but like I said you can take this feeling and put some real money on it. It's a given that many of the larger online sportsbooks (like will have a prop bet on Tomlinson's rushing yards. If you feel the number is too low, you can bet the over and come out a big winner.

WagerWeb and some of the other books have literally hundreds of NFL props that you can bet on every week. If you normally crush your fantasy league, then as I said you can use that same skill set to make some money. There are simply too many games and too many players for the oddsmakers to get all the prop lines correct every week.

Most of the time the prop numbers you'll see are based on a player's average per week. If you see Tomlinson over/under 100 yards, that might be his weekly average, but if you know he's playing against a weak rush defense, the over is probably a strong call. The same goes if he's playing a strong rush defense. The under would be the way to go then.

If you shop around at enough books, you'll see prop bets on almost every starting QB, RB and WR and how they will do that week. If you research the defenses and player averages ahead of time, you'll know the good bets as soon as you see them. Bone up on those stats early in the week and then later in the week when the books put up the props (usually on Friday and Saturday), pounce on them because the lines move quickly.

By finding the holes in the oddsmakers' numbers and constantly looking for that edge, you can become a successful prop bettor as well as a fantasy star. You might never become Mr. Vegas or one of those screaming heads talking about how they hit 80 percent of their picks, but you'll make enough to buy the wife (or significant other) a nice dinner or two, and really, isn't that what life is all about? Keep the wife/girlfriend happy and they'll let you be addicted to the action of fantasy/gambling!

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